System manga female lead reddit Zhao Yao is the most badass female lead for me. . But one of my favorite light novels is "last and First idol". Youjo Senki. The strong female lead character, Vamirio, is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Empire. 3. Hello! I hoped that someone can give me book recommendations - I'm searching romance books where male lead is obsessed with female lead and then something happens so FL leaves ML for some reason (is it discovering something bad about him or he did something bad, or someone lies to her bout him, or kidnapping, whatever) and the ML almost loses. . 3. 1. • 3 yr. Whilst the female actors, may be hated for their attitude, age, and looks in the drama. The Daevabad trilogy has a female lead whose strength is in her street smarts and inherent intelligence. . . . TheBanishedPrince123 • 4 yr. Yumeko Jabami is unbeatable when it comes to gambliing. The Saga of Tanya The Evil. Manga. She's one of the most interesting female characters I have ever seen in manhua. . . Her Royal Highness Seems to Be Angry. TheBanishedPrince123 • 4 yr. People are falling ill to a mysterious and deadly virus and, with an upcoming anti-terrorist summit in the city, tensions are running high. . She has three brothers who don't treat her well, but now that she knows the future, she plans to change it to make them nicer to her! 1. . *edgy*. One day, she challenged her twin brother to play a newly released virtual reality game. Gotham Central - Renee Montoya is, IMO, one of the best written female characters in comics (during this run). ago. Neji is female author that focus on Yuri x MonsterGirl and check out Hakumei to Mikochi and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou for some dual female MC. So while Hyang Mi doesn’t exactly fit since she wasn’t competing with the female lead for the same guy, I agree that she was a very cool character! 2. . Tales of wedding rings: It’s an isekai where Mc gets transported to another world with his crush and becomes a hero. I love reading about yanderes but alot of them has the female lead. . org. Strong female lead could mean either female leads who are literally strong or mentally headstrong. ). Top Mangas With Strong Female Lead or Smart Female Lead. Please check out the anime for the above three series. YnieWho • 2 yr. The Long Ballad. Like at all. <hagure idol: jigoku-hen>, it is a seinen ecchi martial arts manga. If you’re looking for a unique Isekai tale with a female lead, pick up Villainess for an amusing and inventive spin on the genre. comments. millejas004 • 1 yr. .
136. People in the comments saying it doesn't really exist are mostly right, but there's a couple that are at least close to 100+ chapters and have game-like mechanics (I feel like you mention levelling systems to disclude series like GATE or Iruma-kun or other isekai that aren't really about game-like systems, though I could be wrong in this assumption) so here are what I know of with 80+ chapters. ago. Ive tried the sub and the dub, that I still prefer the manga 100%. . ago. ago. . . Beginning of the 13th century. . Congrats to all the women this year who showed that there is a place for female stories in the global pop culture! 🌙👸🏼🧜🏽‍♀️ 🌸🎵💐🌹🖤💗. TheBanishedPrince123 • 4 yr. . imankitty • 3 yr. Tales of wedding rings: It’s an isekai where Mc gets transported to another world with his crush and becomes a hero. 2 in the biggest grossing anime films of all time are Shoujo esque. She is a leader, strong, direct, rough, and funny. Between Starfalls by S. Otherwise while not being a manga but more a webtoon, dungeon reset hit the spot for me (flamescan). The story with Sanae wasn't really finished and the brother story confused me, what was the point of the last two panels with the brother and mother almost nothing was really explained other than protag gets into fights and mother feels. First things that come to mind: -Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru. The S-Classes that I Raised. [Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King in a Fantasy World] Whoever had the idea to put "IMPACT FRAMES" in a "MANHWA" is an absolute genius!. Any manga where the MC gets cheated on then gets revenge or better girlfriend. Claymore (manga), truly a beautiful classic. . But it also has an ensemble cast. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. So first one: I think a a kid (female lead) was reincarnated/reborn and she is a magician. . that is world longest book and it is not even complete yet. 136. SJW1490.

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